Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hair Update

So, I'm on day 13 or 14 now and I did a WO this morning with an ACV rinse and plopped to dry and guess what... my hair is back!!  It's still soft, and shiny and my natural sebum is a hands width down the length of my hair past my ponytail elastic and finally, my hair has volume when curly again.  I did feel that yuck, I think I should wash feeling on day 9 or ten, and I just brushed and wore it in a bun the whole week.  Today, it looks great!

I'm tempted to keep going with the WO washes and brushing till the cows come home... I wonder if I can get my natural oils right down to the tips of my hair???

My scalp feels great!  Not smelly either!  It helps that the weather is colder and I'm really not sweating!!!

My hair is shiny and smooth when brushed into a bun... I'm gonna keep on keeping on!!  Wish me luck!

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