Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yogurt Conditioning

I used Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt—with 11 to 15 g of protein per 5.3-oz serving an excellent source of protein, while regular yogurt contains about 5 g of protein per 5.3 oz. Apparently the straining process leaves more of the milk solids, which results in a denser product with a higher protein level than that of regular yogurt.  So it was thick, easy to apply and as I added it to sections (about 6) I twisted my hair and separating the tangled  section to twist is just slipped into two without any tangles!  I had planned to leave the yogurt in for 30 mins but with hubby away, two kids sleeping I started painting... Ya!  So 1.5 he's later the thick 2% yogurt just felt like it wasn't leaving my hair - so I caved and used low poo to ensure I wouldn't be smelling like spoiled milk tomorrow!  Ugh! 
I avoided adding yogurt to my scalp, and avoided low pooing my scalp as well.  I've found with other deep conditioning treatments my scalp hates it and I feel all messed up for like a week!!!!
I must also say I've been ACV ing about every two days wearing NY hair curly and trying a but of WO...  Its not working, my scalp hates getting wet.  Thus my currently dried out hair needed a protein wash, to be followed by my usual straight routine so I can oil and brush my hair back into better shape!

Just woke up and my hair is suuuuper soft!!
... and fly away and although not dry, it's shiny and just not happy.
I'll flat iron it today so I can start brushing and oiling it again.  Too much WO this past two weeks - not happy!

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