Monday, July 7, 2014

How I Plop to Dry

I use a tshirt that is an old maternity triangle shirt with longer tshirt sleeves. You could try a long sleeve shirt too I guess. I don't roll... I fold the neckband in about an inch so it can be smooth against my forehead.

I place it on my counter stretched open, neckline toward me.

Fold neckline away from me about an inch or more.

Flip hair upside down, Center it (wet) over the shirt, and lower my head until it touches the shirt.

Now my hands are free, I take the tshirt sleeves and wrap around my forehead until the sleeves meet at the nape of my neck. Tie once.

Take the bottom edge of the tshirt, lift up so all hair is in, fold/ roll the excess until you can have that edge come up, over and around to cover the tie you made at the nape of your neck - holding those shirt edges, wrap around to the front of your head. Against your forehead tie once. Tuck the tails/excess under the fabric.

Admire your turban or prance around making pancakes with your wrapped bonnet!!! ;)

This is another popular method but I prefer the flat wrap n tie rather than the rolling. Have fun experimenting!!

The T-shirt (mine is thin) avoids frizz if the turban shifts at night.  It also allows for a stretch when tying it which helps it stay in place.  I need it to absorb water, evaporate, and nor move so my curls can dry exactly the way they are when wet.  Without styling products, this is a very important step for my curly hair and allows me to get volume on top.  When I plop, I define my ringlets with my fingers and carefully compress them head down using gravity to plop.  I carefully scoop in the sides too so they set perfectly and with volume.

Generally, even when I towel dry, I use a T-shirt, its absorbent and soft and avoids frizz and tangles.

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