Thursday, July 17, 2014

My No/Low Poo Journey

I started my journey with BS - I knew immediately it wasn't for me.  I went 2 weeks until I got my soapnuts order - loved it but needed more hydration.  Got a locally made argan oil infused soap bar, it was devine!  Left my hair sift, moisturized,, shiny, just awesome!  But... Then it got really brittle.  I became very reflective and realized I need sebum.  The sebum I'm brushing through my hair was getting stripped by the soap! So I realized it was just the crown of my hair that needed cleansing, and ever since I only cleanse my crown, its plain water for the rest.  But I still had brittle hair... I read something somewhere and realized I needed a higher ACV to water ratio... I figured go 50/50% and see if it works - it did!  No frizz and shiny and my curls started spiraling despite being brushed so often... Awesome!

Then one day I had to look really good for work and I panicked.  I took out my flat iron, said a prayer to the hair goddesses and bang!  My sebum moved like grease lightening!!!! It went from being stuck at my ears (ponytail brushing against the scalp) to about 2 inches past that.  I was oiling from my end to meet the sebum then brushing for a good long while.

I left it straight for a good two weeks brushing and oiling with jojoba oil and man!! My hair looked awesome!!!!!!

I tried to continue curly after that but Christmas came, I flat ironed and people raved about how great my hair looked.  Then I had an episode with baby puke in my hair and the smell lingering and I used low poo.. Ya.  It wrecked my progress by removing the sebum.

So I struggled to get it brushed back through my hair and flat ironed to help so I could brush and oil daily and I ended yo extending my washing to a 21 day cycle!!

I wash, wear curly for 6 days, flat iron on the 7th day and go straight for 2 weeks.

Now I'm using ahhh... I dunno... Henna, and with all that rinsing, I don't cleanse.  Lol... And I'm experimenting with shikakai for cleansing too.  The reason I can, is because my scalp produces wayyyy less oil that before.  The reason I can't comment much in the shikakai is with a wash, a henna and another wash that's 9 weeks!!! I have to keep a hair journal so I don't forget!!! Lol!

Brushing is the key, and finding the right oil for you.

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