Saturday, June 28, 2014

Water to restyle curls

Most curly or wavy girls need wet hair to reset their curls and waves, go for it!!  Spraying hair wet to style is fantastic - get that spray bottle and go for it!  Use this time to brush that scalp to move sebum as well.

Drenching hair in the shower can be damaging however.  It causes the hair cuticle (think roof shingles) to open up, then whatever hydration is in your hair evaporates.  ACV helps to close the cuticle so I'd you do WO washing, follow with any vinegar rinse to help close the cuticle and restore the hair's natural pH.  This time with ACV in the shower is a great time to detangle with a wide tooth comb, and to massage thevscalp to mkve sebum and keep the scalp healthy as well.

Many dry haired girls will hydrate with let's say aloe, then follow with oil, let's say jojoba oil, and the combination with the oil helps trap the aloe in the hair strand keeping it hydrated longer.  If we could brush daily, it would be so much better for our hair since natural sebum is the nectar from the Gods!!  Its theeeeeee most effective and lasting humectant ever!!

Here's my crazy routine, and other tips.
And here's how I plop to dry my hair.

Its hard sometimes to figure out what works for your own hair.  What works for one may not work for the other.  And what works for you now, may change as you evolve and your hair gets more and more awesome with no and low poo!!!

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