Monday, May 19, 2014

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

I recently converted to the oil cleansing method (OCM).  I was skeptical because I'm oily in the tzone and prone to breakouts at almost 40... And I work with kids who like to point to pimples and say "what's that" to anything new on my face but... I only got two little pimples at my eyebrow edge on day two and its been a few months!!!!  I'm careful around hair now ;).

I absolutely looooove OCM!  I started with Jojo a and castor oil and vitamin e oil, I found it too drying for me, I moved to jojoba and argan oil since argan is good for acne prone skin.  I recently changed to rose hip oil, straight up, with wet fingertips and by far its the most balancing and leaves my skin beautiful - and I use 1/3 less oil !!!

How to do OCM

  1. In the shower, use a nickel or quarter sized pool of your oil blend cupped in your hand.  On a dry face, using your fingertips, gently massage the oil blend into your skin.  There's Mo need to remove makeup first, this works to remove makeup very effectively as well.  Pamper yourself with a facil massage for a bit :)
  2. Saturate a clean facecloth with hot water, shower temperature works for me.  Wring out the excess water and place the open washcloth over your face and press against your face for a sleam, then gently wipe away the oil, turn over to the other clean side for another good wipe.  Use the clean corners for ant excess oil around the nose, eyes, eyebrows and hairline.  Its okay if there's a slight sheen, its moisturizing.
  3. Adjust your oil blend until its right for you.  Castor oil can be drying, for example.  I sometimes add aloe vera gel around my mouth, sometimes even a teeny bit more of my oil blend since it is by far the dryest part of my face.  I've found argan oil lovely for my acne prone skin and rose hip oil alone as the best for my OCM skin routine so far!!
  4. A very important reference for choosing and comparing oils to use: Pay attention to the comediogenic ratings of oils in this link.

Here are a few links to start...

Thanks to Ladyboss Boss for recommending rosehip oil after my initial complaints...

And if you love OCM, you have to try abhyanga:

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