Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flat Ironing and No poo / Low poo

So the question comes up, as a curly girl, do you use a heat protect any when flat ironing?  No, I don't.  My natural sebum is there, my added aloe vera may also be there, and I use a lower setting on my flat iron, on dry hair.

I think the important piece is that I do small sections so the actual contact time with the iron is less, and is even.  In the beginning, I would iron the lengths up to about two inches from the ends and I'd do all my ends last since they were damaged from before my trim and that individual attention kept them behaving the way I wanted!!

This was interesting, the smoke point of oils, take a look and then read the manufacturers instructions about the temperature settings of your flat iron for your hair type and compare the two.

One of these days, I'll use my old time rollers and hood dryer and see how that goes!!

In the meantime, I wash, wear it curly for a week migrating from all out to half up to a ponytail then a big bun, then brushed out using this brush into a bun or up do.  At this point I have enough sebum that I don't need any product to have a smooth top and hairline.  That's the best time to flat iron.

My routine: add aloe to the length, brush through again and between day 7 and 9 I flat iron and brush daily until my next wash 21 days later.

Here's how I brush.

Here's why I brush.

Here's the only brush I use!!

I have no answers, only my own experience.  I am not a professional.

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