Thursday, April 3, 2014

Brushing curly hair to move sebum..

On the day you think you should wash, take a deep breath and do this... brush it out and keep it up for 3 more days on your dirty hair.

Then add oil to your hands and rub together till there's a slight sheen, so very little.  Then start at the ends kind of grabbing chunks and pulling downward in sections.  Brush from root to tip and put in a bun.  If the center is dry, add oil to the center "thickness" in the same way.  Brush brush brush.  3 days of brushing and it wearing up, then wash - ensure you're using at the very least 25% ACV in your rinse and the most a 50% ratio as your rinse.

Keep in mind you're brushing with the intention of moving natural oils from scalp to tip and adding oil from tip to the center. Sebum will meet you in between sooner than later ;)

I use this brush, the others are in my brush graveyard drawer.  The longer nylon bristles gently detangle, the balls on the tips gently massage and the padded base helps the brush contour gently to your scalp.  The boar bristles although shorter also work by pulling oils from the scalp through the hair, conditioning with natural sebum.

In my research, I've found jojoba oil and argan oil to be the best for curly girls.  Some adore coconut oil though, I hope your hair does too!!  Some say with the porosity of our hair, coconut oil doesn't infuse into the hair, it sits on top - that's how you know its not suited to your hair type.  By morning, any oil you added yesterday should have absorbed.  If not, use less or change your oil choice.

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