Thursday, February 13, 2014

100 Strokes, How I Brush

When I brush , I don't just brush, or brush to detangle or brush to style, I really brush. I have bra strap length hair, previously thick, dry and curly, currently, smooth, shiny, healthy and curly 

I start by detangling. Then I flip my hair upside down and I brush against my scalp the entire time, all over and over, then I flip upright again and watch the blood drain back into my body lol... Seriously... 

I start by finger parting my hair below my bootom of my ear and I brush down to my neck, and up to my crown consciously moving sebum. Then I finger part mid-ear and do the same, brush down, then up. And then top of the ear, down then up. Then I section my hair starting off from the right cause I'm right handed. I brush holding the section up on both sides in small enough sections where I know my brush is moving oil along the hair strand. This takes the longest because it ends up being about 6-7 sections.

Finally, my crown is the oiliest, I focus on just the crown and in 2-3 sections I brush about 10 strokes each section, then brush to a low ponytail with a cloth covered scrunchie for sleeping. 

I'm a curly but can only wear my hair curly for about 4 days before I need to brush like this.

So like my grandma used to say... Every night brush a hundred strokes


  1. Hi ... thanks for the info, but I am confused by your last 2 sentences. you brush like this every day, or just every 4 days? I'm curly too and very trepidatious about brushing like this! Thanks!

    1. Starting day 4, I need to brush like this. Rather than wash or wet my hair, I've found that wearing my hair in an up do, bun or straightened helps me control the sebum. After 10 months no poo my sebum production has slowed down to the point I can go 21 days or longer between washes.

      Here's a great blog post that outlines my routine:


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