Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Transitioning with No Poo

Well... I didn't exactly know when it happened.. it just kind of crept up on me.  I do know for a fact two things have helped me.  First, brushing... like crazy... till the cows come home kinda brushing... it moves the sebum down the hair and away from my scalp.  Second, I've been washing with my argan oil castle soap - but only washing my scalp!  This means post-wash, once I start producing sebum again, it just catches up with what was already there, and keeps on moving toward my ends.  My "transition" has my sebum reaching past my ears when my hair is down!!!

Today is a busy and pretty socially demanding day.  Normally I wear my hair in a bun or some sort of up do because we all know that when you brush curly hair, it isn't curly anymore.  Wearing it this way has obviously helped speed up the process of course.  But today, I took out my flat iron.  Turned it down to 3/4 the heat I used to use and flat ironed from just below my ears to my ends only!!!!

GASP!  All those crunchy ladies (all natural advocates) would be horrified, but my goal wasn't to be "style free", it was to have nourished, healthy hair and the fact that it costs less, and is wayyyy more sustainable is totally a happy bonus.

I'm pretty happy with the result.  My wonky old wavy ends that are still waiting for sebum got a little relaxing help.  It'll be very interesting to see how this style sustains the day!!

I remember in the past, every single picture taken in December was me with straightened hair.  I went to a hair dresser and purposely got my hair straightened so i could add oils and get it LOOKING healthy for the holidays.  As well,  it helped with wearing hats in the winter of course.

And on that note - colder weather certainly helps in this whole process!!!

5 months in, and I'll never ever turn back!!

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