Friday, August 2, 2013

Making SoapNut Hair Cleanser - Part 2

Me: "Hey Hubby, check this out, nuts make soap! Isn't that exciting??!!"

Hubby: "I'm glad, you said it and not me, that's hilarious!!"

Me: "huh?"

Hubby "I see you made soap..."

Me: "Ya, no lye... And look, you can wash dishes, laundry, my hair... Try it to wash your hands and... Why are you laughing?"

Hubby: "You didn't get my joke! A NUT makes soap, no lie... Ha ha ha ha - you're the nut... no lie, I mean lye"

Me: "You're hilarious! Try it!"


I woke up this morning to check out my cooled SoapNut liquid, used a funnel to get it into my reused clean plastic juice container and went to wash the pot. I turned on the tap and these lovely bubbles started foaming... I just took my sponge and washed the pot with the SoapNut liquid! Yay! Same with the funnel, a real easy clean! Then my hands.... Weeeee bubbles!!!!

I left the nuts in my metal sieve to dry out a bit. I plan to do another batch tonight and compare the colour (consentration), and how it feels and bubbles.

I measured that this bottle holds exactly 6 cups, I used that 6 cups in my boiling the extract/liquid - with 30 nuts!! I wanted to experiment using it different ways and planned to do a second boil to see how it goes.

I've poured out a little to wash my hair with, and a little more into ice cube trays because storing it in cubes in the freezer would be awesome!!

Stay tuned for the first SoapNut hair wash :)

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