Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm going No-Poo!!

Recently I've come across way too many Curlie Girls that are talking about going without shampoo and our beloved conditioners!!  Gasp!  But I started paying attention to this "no-poo" craze which literally means going without shampoo because each winter, I do my own version of what they are calling "no-poo" when I get my hair blow dried and keep it for two weeks!  I brush and brush and brush encouraging the natural oils to distribute through my dry winter hair and use a high quality Moroccan oil to help it along and a dry shampoo at the scalp (packed with chemicals) to tame the "dirty feeling" when I can't take it anymore, but my hair looks awesome so I stick it out... so this no-poo all year round was something that really caught my attention!!

Here's me straight out of bed, the morning I cut 14 beloved inches off of my curly hair.  So ya, let's say I've done my share of crazy things, but it was a decision that took four years, and a donation of my locks to making a wig for a child with cancer.

I loved the freedom that wearing my curly hair shorter afforded me but WOW was there ever a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good!!  No ponytails meant I had to keep washing and syyling my hair with products, and getting it trimmed and shaped every 6-8 weeks and it was getting expensive!  That was in 2010.  I've since grown it all back and enjoyed the styles in the growing out process, but I also enjoy having my ponytail again.

Have you seen the TV commercial for Wen haircare?  Looks fabulous right, well here's a DIY version of the same principle using ONLY baking soda and vinegar, yes, I'm serious!!  Same concept but with things you have in your kitchen - baking soda and vinegar!!!
Oh, and just for good measure - to really illustrate the risk of going poo-less - this is me after swimming in the ocean on vacation and the hot sun dried my salt water drenched hair in all it's frizzy glory!!

It's gotta work!!

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