Monday, January 26, 2015

How to Combat Dryness with Henna

I posted about my first henna experience almost a year ago.

Now, I've mastered it!

I've never had hair as soft, silky and full of volume and bounce as I do right now.  I too found henna drying, I drenched my ends in 100% coconut milk, normally I'd dilute coconut milk in a 1 part coconut milk, 4 parts aloe deep conditioner but this time, I used 6 tbsp (2 coconut milk ice cubes, frozen from the can) in my henna.

So, 100g HennaHut henna, 25g Amla, 6tbsp coconut milk and a little more water to desired consistency.  Awesome!  But,I did use a low poo conditioner to rinse the henna so that may be adding to the fabulous outcome but I'm pretty sure that coconut milk was the magic ingredient.

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