Friday, October 18, 2013

Argan Oil Castille Soap Bar

This is my shameless plug for the Argan Oil handmade Castille soap bar that I use to wash my hair. The Canadian Soap Company's owner, the SoapBoss has allowed me to watch soap being made, and even to assist in the process which is soooooo fun!

Despite my adoration for the scents and essential oils that envelop you in the soap kitchen - sheeee is truly an earth angel! She is not only gifted and a 5th generation soap maker, she's a sweet sweet soul. When I take a bar of her soap home, I feel like I get to take a piece of her shop home to continue to enjoy! My favourite part is when the soap is almost finished, I get to go back!!!!

The SoapBoss at the Canadian Soap Company is on ETSY, YouTube, FaceBook and of course, she has her website.

Speaking of Christmas, why not go shopping and buy a few gifts! Her soaps are delightful!!!!

Here's the brand new look of the Argan Oil Castille Soap Bar - gorgeous!

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